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No QoS. I did a factory restore and setup the few things I changed. I will see what happens over the next week. If all is well I will keep it. If not I may exchange it.
I am not sure if its my Netgear or what. But my old linksys died and we also have a belkin in the house setup as a hotspot. I replaced the linksys with a R7000 and it seems when streaming video I get random buffering every 10mins or so. That never happened before. The linksys was 6 years old and until it just stopped turning on it worked fine and we didnt have the buffer issue. Any ideas? Should I maybe go to factory restart and then load my configuration file again?...
Question for you guys. I am a bit hesitant to cut up or get someone to cut up the wall to run some speaker wire for my surround speakers. So i was thinking maybe a wireless audio transmitter might be a good solution. What are you guys thoughts on them? Do they work well and are they recommended?
Where are you finding this?
Yeah but then it needs to be changed every time I want to do one or the other.
what is straight decode? you mean direct?
Ok so I have a few questions.... - Is there a way for me when I turn on the receiver to stop defaulting to tv/cd and make it an input that I choose? - I have a samsung smartTV so in order to get audio from those apps I need to use an optical cable. I also plug in a bluetooth receiver into the tv/cd audio ports so I can listen to music while there is background tv going. Problem is the optical port takes priority over the audio ports so i have to unplug the optical cable...
Anyone know what the "22" on the receiver LCD means? It's right above the hdmi text. If the receiver is off it still displays it. Wasent there a few weeks ago
The irony! haha. Interesting. I will go back in and set fan speed to 1 then and target to maybe 55c. I read a lot of good things on my asrock mb so I picked it. Also its got ties to asus who I usually buy but micro centers mini itx asus board was over 200 so I felt the asrock was the best bang for the buck for a secondary HTPC.In the end its not a HUGE deal breaker I set the hybrid sleep for 10minutes so if i have silence and the computer is on i only have to worry about...
Maybe I should swap the mobo then. I have time to do that and I actually took it over a gigabyte from the reviews I read. Seems like there is not many choices when it comes to mini itx.
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