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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnTmBjk-M0c&feature=youtube_gdata_player http://www.mindspring.com/~mfpatton/sketch.htm
+2Money is the strongest vote we've got.
Well, the calculator says 130" between 14'2" and 17' as the distance. It'll be close. Other opinions might help. Do you any "play" with the distance? Good luck.
Thanks. Do you have any Projectors to recommended? I own an hd131xe and cannot easily access the lens.I should do research and will but any knowledge about scopeable under 1.5k (under 1k would be better) PJs would appreciated.And, are there native 2.35 PJs?Thanks for any info.(the screen I can DIY, for a while anyway)EDIT: Okay, I couldn't find any 21x9 PJs. Will we ever get scope native aspect ratio projectors?And I see some familiar posters in threads discussing...
Yup. Thanks.
I wish I could make the CIH thing work w/o the huge cost. It is definitely the way to go.
When using the mobile version the choices are reduced. I don't see it and I use the brackets and html code. But if someone sees it in mobile let me know; it'd be easier.
^^Thanks for the review. Now I have to watch it again. Been a long time.
It's a pitched ceiling. I'm at both ends of it. The top of my screen (white area) is at 92". The PJ lens is at 100". (measurements are from the floor up. The mount I am using is about 6" high.
Well, I am 13 feet away from a 100" screen and I could go up to a 120" screen from this distance. And the calculator corroborates the numbers I am using. Perhaps others can chime in.
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