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Going with fv15hp. Got a clearance once for 1200 shipped
Thanks for the input. The space is 2000cf, which is open to another 3-4000 cf
15x15 room, open to large living space on left, laminate floors, concrete walls, 9ft ceilings budget
I am in the same boat need to fill a 6000cf space. Pls help decide between e15 and uls15. Anyone heard them back to back?
@lewdogg I went through 5hr of forum reading about subs and called Hsu, rhythmic and svs. Your recs amazingly match what all these manufacturers suggested. My take is svs seem to do better with ported subs for large room size, Hsu and rhythmic may be ok with sealed ones as well. The powerhouse would be fv15hp. I am trying to decide between fv15hp, e15 and uls15. They all are within $150 of each other. Uls has the wireless which is attractive. Can I use third party wireless...
Thanks How would a ported svs pb12nsd compare to sealed f15 or uls-15?
Hi there, i am setting a HT in my basement. the room is 15x15' but opes to 15x8 space in back and large entertainment area on left. i am getting a front projector with 110' screen. the speakers would be PSB w1 wall mounted LCR and in-ceiling PSB surrounds. Need a sub: budget
The room will not be dark, neutral color. Floor will be dark laminate with light couches and rug.
I am getting ready to buy the psb w1 wall mounted speakers for my 15x15 HT set up. Looking for a sub and AVR. I heard some subs/avr go we'll with some manufacturers. Need 5.1 and 2 zones. Budget 1-1.5k. Need airplay, network connections on avr. If I change to monitor audio, would you recommend anything else,
Need more help from the pros. Do I go with Hc grey or high gain or high power?
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