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So this set switches hdmi inputs automatically whenever I turn on my ps3. Thats helpful.... But When the kids turn off the console the TV is in input purgatory, so I have to hunt for the magic remote every time to set it back to tv input. Is there a way to configure simple link to select the only active input?
got an email from LG about the new software update:An update to the software for your 2012 model LG Smart TV is now available. Updating is quick, easy and free, and will bring you a host of new features and benefits.To find out more about the software update process, check out this helpful "how-to" video:http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1666406250001?bckey=AQ~~,AAABg974Gak~,-d5XwUBqifdZqUDooYJ-oHK-Fkg5TWXx&bctid=2160129399001• LG Smart World now accepts...
has anyone tried the LG AN-VC400 Skype camera with this model?
just FYI, as mentioned wireless is not ideal for these Smart sets. i had the router in the next room and still was choppy watching youtube vids. If you have DirecTV (esp the whole home option) you are already getting wired 100Mb/s into the receiver. There should be a DECA adapter on the back of your receiver( newer receivers have these internal). Otherwise you can buy a DECA cheaply online which splits the coax signal from the ethernet. I then just ran the ethernet cable...
http://www.engadget.com/2012/12/19/lgs-latest-smart-tv-magic-remote-can-control-other-devices-und/ anyone see the news on the latest magic remote? wonder if it can be used on the current 2012 models
One thing I hope a future firmware includes is the ability for the set to determine if there is 1 active input and switch to that input automatically. If I turn my PS3 off, the TV detects that there is no input signal from that source and notifies you. It also knows that there is a signal coming from HDMI1 where my DirecTV is plugged in. So I wish it would just switch automatically if it detects only 1 active input. I do have a Harmony one configured (sometimes slow or...
Ive had my 55LM8600 for 6 months now and weve absolutely loved it. Replaced a 7600 with bad flashlighting and this set was head and shoulders better PQ. anyways just a 6month update from a satisfied owner
55" inch here and never had a reboot issue. Its on an articulating arm with plenty of airflow as well. have flashlighting in upper right but only noticeable on load/splash screens. much better than the (2) 7600s I had
just curious what your BL, contrast, brightness and temp settings are. When I first got my 8600 it was on warm temp and the whites were definitely dull until I went to cool or med temp.
Yeah thats similar to mine. It was much worse in my 7600. If theres any white on a black screen you will see some faint glow stripes. The 7600 didnt do this so Its got to be something with the dimming processing. Its nice to have at least a mostly rich black screen compared to the blotchy 7600 that I guess I dont mind. Im only seeing one other issue and I hope it can be managed with settings. I was watching some recorded HD NFL games from last season and noticed that the...
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