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Sums it up for me. BTW, the idea that Lexicon can tweak software developed by Oppo is laughable. It would take them months/years to understand the code before they can try to improve it. As the THX PR guy stated all the work was done by Oppo's engineers.
For 3,500 they can give you a 10 year warranty by replacing the whole unit for 500. Nice to see another company make a mockery of "Made in the USA" label. I will never purchase another component from them.
I had some problems with Series 3 Tivo that were fixed by a firmware upgrade since then I haven't had any problems. I have Tivo, PS3, Vudu and Sony ES5000 BD player as the sources into Integra pre/pro going into JVC projector. I used PS3 a lot longer than I expected due to its excellent HDMI functionality.
Mine is racked in a small room. No problems whatsoever.
Same here. HDMI is the way to go with this unit. Analog (2ch as well MC) is not this unit's strength.
THROUGH does not convert.
We will see Android based STB's by the end of next year.
Internet firmware update is something I would love to have.
Shocking if true even in this economy.
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