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June 2007, came with firmware 1.5, upgraded to 2.5. Bough it from magnolia about 2 weeks ago. Running at 1080p, don't think my TVdoes 1080p/24 according to specs and manufacturer website.
Thinking about taking the HD-DVD plunge, but when I check out the A2/A20/XA2 listings on Amazon, I don't see anything about the 3 free HD-DVDs from them. Anyone have a current link to the deal?
If you could, could you post (or PM me) where you're located? I'm out in california and have been talking to my local Magnolia stand-alone, and they haven't gotten a display unit in yet and the arrival dates have been pushed to to early/mid Spetember. i'm trying to decided between teh Denon 3808 and the Pioneer 94TXH and would like to hear them both in the store (I know it's not as optimal as testing at home, but at least it's something). Thanks!
my biggest question about the DG-910 is about hte component --> HDMI conversion. Will it take 1080i or 1080p over component and output that as 1080i/p over HDMI?
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