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tormond - Was "Taking Lives" on e-Bay for $25.00 (Buy-It-Now)? I looked and obviously it's gone...............
Total in Collection - 329 On Order - 7 I'll never catch tormond though........................ I want "Taking Lives" but I can never find it for a price I am willing to pay. I just added "Reign of Fire", "Equilibrium", and "Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life".
I agree with 2ManyCompromises, I would be upset too. Mine is scheduled to arrive tommorrow and I just hope mine isn't in the same condition. I paid $177.00 for mine and just hope I get a good complete working unit. 2ManyCompromises- you have every right to be upset. Just be firm but nice and I honestly believe Onkyo will take care of you. I would be surprised if you didn't end up with a new unit. They might be sold out but I would bet they kept some for warranty...
Anyone that could help get Toshiba to address this issue would be greatly appreciated.
For those of you who have ordered from Inetvideo, how was your order when it arrived? I ordered 17 titles and received 16, 9 movies had broken cases, and 1 of the movies was scratched real bad from bouncing around in the case. Has anyone else had similar problems?
Yes, that's one. I have heard others talk about others but I don't know what they are. Everyone keeps saying don't install 2.8 so it must be buggy. I was just wondering if they will come out with anymore updates now that they are not making HD DVD players anymore?
Does anyone feel as though Toshiba has basically given up on firmware updates? It sure would be nice to get an update to 2.9 or later to fix the issues introduced by 2.8. Any thoughts.........................
If you want the best copy of T2 get the German Steelbook version. It has 7.1 DTS HD MA sound and the best picture. It was done by Imagion AG and is awesome. Exploited has it for $45.00 I think.
I would love to get a copy of this but I'm not crazy enough to pay that kind of money. The SD version looks good enough on my HD-XA2 for that price.
Would you care to share where you got it from? I found one copy on e-bay, but the bid is already at $83.00. That's crazy!!
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