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In my case my HT is actually over my 2 1/2 car garage.So it is sitting on a wood floor covered with carpet.So the Subs. are sitting on the floor as well.Before the Auralex Pads were added under all the Subs the dishes in the kitchen cabinets would rattle and vibrate.Along with other things as well ....Once these Auralex Pads were installed those dishes Stopped for the most part rattling.Am I saying the Auralex Sound Deading Pads are the absolute answer for everyone, no I...
If you have the time and think about it I as well as some other Members will be interested to read what you think. So Post away once you test out your New Auralex Great Gramma. Terry BTW,I have 4 of those under my 4-Subs.
I cannot see how it will be a negative for you.It sure IMO can't hurt your situation at all and I think will help.  Terry
Just keep in mind there are Members on here that don't like the products. Terry
You can use them or not sitting it on the Subdude. Terry
I'm glad they worked out for you as they have for many of us. I know for sure they made a noticeable difference in my application. I'm sure you are glad now you went ahead and tried them for yourself. One can read all they want to but in the end trying something for one's self is the key to the final answer. Terry
Very good I hope it (Helps) with your issues. It did mine as well as many other members here for sure.  Terry
My (Opinion) is either will probably get the Sub up off the floor. I would personally choose the one that came closer to the dimension of the Sub. If the bigger size is not going to stick way out from under the sub and not be an absolute eye sore then get the larger size. My HT is over my 2 1/2 car garage which means a wood floor. In my case the Auralex products worked to get rid of excess Rattling of things in the kitchen cabinets. It also to (Me) actually has the four...
Common Sense finally ........... Terry
You will find on this Thread/Posts very mixed opinions on the product. I have 5 of those and they work excellent for my application. It all depends on what your given application is. Terry
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