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Been working away down there. Camera broke for real this time, so only only crappy cell phone pics. Decided that we wanted something a little more durable than painted drywall for the eating bar. Choices were tile or wood. Decided upon wood. Went with Maple, since that's what our door is made of. Bought some sheets of 3/4" maple, sheeted the eating bar. Built screen wall more or less as per "minimalists screen wall". Double 2x4 on either side, 2x6 coming down along the...
Made some serious progress. Flooring is down in bedroom and hallway. Still have to do the backroom. Flooring looks a little redder in the pics than it actually is. Upper cabinets are in. Still need to put in the side filler pieces and kick-plates. Tomorrow, I think i frame up the screen wall. Then Monday I am off to Texas for a week of conference, so no progress then.
There is more space than it looks like in the picture. 2 inches perhaps.i simply haven't gotten around to painting the bottom insde-ribs yet.. they are a serious pain in the ass. i know, i know, use a sprayer.... but that doesnt work very well in Canadian winters when all you have a nicely finished garage to do it in.got a great start on the floors today. and the cabinets are in. Will install them in the morning.
Soffits! Step 1: attach ladder to MDF Step 2: Attach MDF to 2x3 rail that I put on the ceiling eons ago Step 3: Screw ladder to studs Step 4: Admire. For the ones with vents... OOOH a puzzle! Done! Cut hole in MDF, attach boot to MDF, repeat steps 1-4. Connect boot to flex duct. And some views of the room as it stands now: Now, over the next couple days, hardwood flooring and possibly upper cabinets. I think i may just have to get those installed so...
So did I... then I put down Dricore.
Very nice!!Funny you should mention that, I was just thinking that I need to figure out how I am going to build my light tray for the rope light....ps. finding studs under over an inch of drywall sucks. Its a good think I have been taking pics of everything as I go to be able to reference back to.
Yesterdays progress: Got the conduit ran from where I had it poking through the ceiling to the front of the room. Stopped being a princess and went out to cut in the snow. Got the eating bar almost entirely framed up. 1 2x6 short, so i still need to add a center support thing, same as the 2 sides. Cut all my 2x2's and made some ladders that will be the bottom of the soffits. also cut all of the MDF to length for the soffits, and put another coat of paint on them. The...
I use a crappy company-issued blackberry. which renders pretty much every good app out there useless
Thank you. Although, I'll be shameless here.. I'm flat out copying many aspects of that wonderful theater
and thats all that really matters
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