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Good news for Lumagen lover Now available a new Radiance 2043 that can output a 4k/60 signal : http://www.avsforum.com/t/1527734/lumagen-new-radiance-21xx-video-processors
Not for MKV files
Thats not true at all.I test a 4910 in my room, side by side with my VW600. After calibrating both projector rec709, D65 and to the same lumen output, it was easy for anybody in the room to see that the Sony image was better in almost every aspect. And I dont talk about 4k, that's observation was for 1080p material, 11' from a 108 inch screen. The Sony image has more depth with a sharper look and to me a more natural look and feel. We watch the JVC first and was very...
On another note, I read that you seem to really like your JVC. This week-end my dealer loan me a RS4910, I will test it side by side with my Sony VW500 just for the curiosity
Conan, I have the same screen HP 2.4 but model C and I am pretty sure you have a defect.My HP dont have any streaks or banding at all.
I am glad you will received your replacment soon.As for the blanking thats good news since I need that too... Just wondering if the lens memory can remember a specific blanking per memory. Guess i will test that right now...
I know how you feel, this projector is really impressive and every time I finish a movie I would like to came here and scream how good it is It's been a while I have not enjoy a projector like that. In the last 3 years, I have own more than 10 projectors form JVC, Sony, Epson and Panasonic. For the first time in a while, I feel real improvements has been made.
That exactly where I came from. So very curious to read if you will reach the same conclusion as me As for the convergence, mine take about 9 mins to go in place (I time from a cold start). But i've read some projector can take up to 30 mins.So.... Your first impression?
There always some noise here and there but the image look very clean. At least as good as the VW95.As for the Darbee, 70 is way too much, try between 20 and 40 as a starting point.For the 3D, the VW500 is better in 3D than the Sony VW95. Brighter, way more sharprer (thanks to the RC) and less ghosting. The image in 3D is very easy on the eye. I think it is related to the high resolution or the RC, I dont know but the final result is very good.
My last projector was a JVC RS4810 and before that the Sony VW95.I really like the VW95, it was a great machine too at that time. (and still good)I change from the 95 to the JVC 4810 just for the curiosity of the eshift 4K and the better black.After a while with the 4810 I realize I did not like the JVC that much, the eshift 4k was good on great source like Oblivion but with older blu ray or DVD, it introduce too much noise in the picture. Also, the motion and the 3D was...
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