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Great show, would've liked to hear if Dolby Vision will find it's way into projectors?
The moaning from Sandra B is worse on the trailers than in the actual movie for some reason. I was pretty annoyed from watching the trailers, but wasn't bothered by it during the movie so much.
I am ready!:-)
Ah ok.It was "only" 2x100 dollars, but in this hobby we want to save every penny for the next piece of equipment:)I'm importing, so 2 x 100 dollars becomes 260ish with taxes.
I only had a brief demo of the C2 in a home setting with pass labs electronics (was there to buy a used Vienna acoustics Oratorio Center speaker). Similar sized rooms as to where my Contours are now. The Contour has more kick, but overall presentation went to the C2, just not in shear impact and bass output. Now the C4, you get more of everything:)The guy with the C2's upgraded shortly after to C4's lol:)
I went for the Contours, but I'm aiming for the C4 now. I've had several demos and the C4 is really a step up from the Contour S5.4. If you in any way can manage the price of the C4 without burning a deep hole in your pockets I would suggest it. To my ears, as good as the Contour S5.4 is, the C4 had more of everything. I haven't heard the C4 signature, it was the Version I.You'll be happy with the Contours, but if you're already thinking upgrade:) Are you able to make a...
Headroom is important, I'm sure of that.If I had a larger budget I would get MBL monoblocks. I heard these, actually higher end model and step down from that, on Sonus faber Elipsa and MBL 116's and those amps sounded really good.On a more realistic level, Emotiva fits my vallet better:) It adds up really, even though Emotiva is considered cheap.
That is true of course.I listen quite loud, especially for movies. With my current system I can really crank it and usually listen to movies at MV-8 +-2.I've seen the Dynaudio consequences draw 1200w at a show (mcintosh 1.2kw), and it wasnt "that loud" even! Sounded supurb though:)I guess I have enough power for most situations, but I believe in headroom as well, and I'm sure I can unleash more potential into the speakers with more amplification.I'm pretty sure that my...
Mcintosh 303 would be awesome I bet. I've heard many a demo with Dyn and mcintosh. I know they tour with the 1.2kw mcintosh monoblcks, at least to the shows I've been too. I can't afford the Mcintosh amps so I was looking at Emotiva Monoblocks or ATI 3 channel. I need some more/better power for my Confidence center as well.
Grats!I'm running contour s5.4 myself upgraded from Focus 220.What will be powering them?I only have 2x200w for them in stereo and around 100w for surround use which I think is underpowered.
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