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That faitalpro 15" looks nice.Would it be an advantage that it can be mounted closer to the waveguide?AE woofers seem very popular so thats a safe bet for a design.I would opt for the best sounding one but realise which is most popular I see threads about wanting to build AE designs all the time.Whats the timeframe for the new higher end 15" model?
I can source the SEOS 24 locally for 270 dollars in glassfiber and with another 10% I can add a color and some sort of marble finish. The BMS will set me back 600 dollars. I am considering the AE TD15M woofer and maybe an Audiotechnology 15" flex unit, which I can get 10mins from there I live. I'm visiting the audiotechnology factory in the near future to have a talk with them about what driver could work with a 500hz or so XO. Initially I would try and make an XO using...
That's discouraging! I was about to embark on a DIY project and trying to decide between SEOS 18 with either 1" or 1.4" throat or step up to the SEOS 24 and the BMS 4594ND Coax driver.
Any news on this project?
Great show. Looking forward to the next one.
Very cool setup. I'm using jriver and was considering using it's Dsp capabilities but the aurora dac is quite expensive. Pictures?:-)
4K/UHD Projector and a new bigger cinemascope screen:)
That looks awesome!
Very enjoyable podcast, thanks again Scott for setting this up every week. I'm hoping Auro3D finds it way into our homes! Although our local flower delivery service works great in getting more points from my wife, I doubt I'll be allowed to install 37.4 speakers:) Now 13.1 sounds doable, at least those upper LCR sound great. VOG speakers are a tough sell on the ceiling though. Does Auro3D operate with "wide speakers" like Audyssey DSX for instance? In the dubstage...
Ok that looks pretty good, your seat to seat variation. Not sure how much you smoothed this last graph? but looks like 120-170hz there's some issues. Dip in red is not in blue vice versa. Room treatments, possibly moving the left right speakers back and forth could help. It's room interaction, but it doesn't look too bad though. Due to room dimensions, placement of the left right front spealer and seating positions, I had great variation across the sofa around 70-150hz as...
New Posts  All Forums: