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That 52hz 6dB boost; did you move the microphone either side of the MLP to check if it is a global dip? I can relate to you "balance" issues I'm struggling a little myself striking a balance between good ULF while maintaining good punch. Spectrogram looks nice though. There's a little less energy higher up, both before and after eq, have you tried to solve that?
Here's a waterfall from recent measurements. Gives a pictures of whats going on in my room. Basicly I have a peak at 32hz (length mode) and 37hz (width mode) and 60hz (height mode). The 32 and 37hz modes seem to colide and generate that massive peak. It was even worse when I had just one sub actually. I do find, that EQ'ing it down reduces ringing. My rear sub addition was to smooth out response and to test out in practice, if it could reduce ringing in those troublesome...
I don't have those exact measurements handy, but I have some other REW measurements that might shed some light. This is after EQ at the main listening position - the 4 x 10" epics are on the rear as "aux" subs. This next one is without EQ, but including my fronts to give a picture of the system. Perhaps I should raise the bottom end? I guess I'm 5dB down at 15hz. Watching movies at MV-5 I feel that I get more midbas impact, which I like, but I wan't the ULF as...
Fun spreadsheet:) Room is 2600cf but with a double french door to another room, which is 3100cf. The door does vibrate with low end stuff. I tried to enter 1 x LMS ultra sealed + 1 x Maelstrom 18" sealed, each with a behringer EP4000 amp + 4 x Epic 10" sealed with a behringer Inuke6000DSP running those. I used 2600cf 10hz 12.5hz 16hz 20hz 3,8 4,0 4,3 3,7 684 650 605 703 4,0 4,5 4,5 4,5 Reference Above Reference Above Reference Maybe I entered it...
Think we just posted at the same time:) I concluded also, that sealed is probably the best route. I actually wan't to build 6 of them to also add 2 height channels. So 12" wide 17-18" tall by 8" deep would be acceptable for my wife I hope:)
I only have room for the mentioned 12" wide and 20" high, then around 8" deep for my side surrounds. Thats about 0.6 cf, so I guess it's sealed config in my situation, if I were to chose that model to go with the Tempests. 3" higher add around 0.1cf with that depth limitation. Looking forward to seeing pictures of them:)
How small could these be build? The single woofer 2 way ones.I'm about to order 3 fusion tempests, and would be looking for some surrounds afterwards./claus
I'll look into that. Thanks.
My HTPC runs Jriver already:)It's a little bit outside this thread, but how would one go about such system in a good way?
I'll sign:-) * I'd prefer 8, 12 and 16 channels to be able to eq an entire system with multiple subs using REW, height/wide channels * active XO ability * I'd prefer 8-12 PEQ pr channel * good enough DACs to use full range * run silent * RCA or XLR or both * routing of the signal Pretty much a cheap silent version of the BSS sound Web Dsp:-)
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