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I dont mind downloading at all, it still beats driving to my local blockbuster and back again:) I'm on a 60 mbit ISP, so 100gb movie would be around 4 hours to download. If they made an app for it that, you could be at work browing titles and hitting download, and by the time you got off work, it would be ready for your evening movie night at hopefully pristine quality. I hope they will offer renting, as a lot of movies, we simply only watch them once. Can't wait.
dynfan, Current one is Sonus Faber Domus center. I upgraded from Dynaudio focus 220's. Was set on the Cremona from Sonus Faber, but after some demo's it didn't impress me enough. Had several C4 demo's. not the new version though, and it always impressed me. Mostly movies, but upgrading to the Contour S5.4 infused my stereo passion quite a bit since it simply is a lot better than it was with the focus 220's. I just finished upgrading my room with 2 acoustical fabric walls...
Anyone have experience with the Dynaudio confidence signature center? I currently use the Contour S 5.4 as fronts and they really sound great! In fact they are so good to my ears that I now dream about the C4 signatures. The bottleneck in my system right now is the current center although not a bad speaker in itself. So: complete my system with the matching Contour S CX center or save up about twice as much and go for the signature center? I might save in the long...
Just finished reading all 109 pages. Just ordered the DHC 80.3 and DTA 70.1 amp. I'm hoping to find an audyssey Pro kit under the christmas tree from my wife:) I'm hoping it will be delivered before next weekend. I recently sold my Onkyo 3008, which has XT32. It only powered the two surround back channels and a Primare A30.5 amp powered the rest. I actually enjoyed this setup very much but felt audyssey was a bit of hit and miss with the measurements. I recently...
Very good advice. I think the Marantz will be too expensive where I live, also I have very little experience with how they sound. Switching to the Anthem MRX made me realise how much I actually enjoyed my Onkyo:)I'm hoping a 2 year newer model with better dacs and a seperate processor will be even better.
Not sure I understand?Dynaudio Contour S5.4 speakers with Nordost blue heaven cables. They are powered by a Primare A30.5 amp, just running LCR and my current reciever doing the 4 surround channels. Source is HTPC with Jriver/foobar. Also using two 18" subs.It's a bit silly, I had an onkyo 3008, which I sold and bought an Anthem MRX 300. That didnt live up to my expectations, so returning it. The MRX seemed like a sidegrade from my onkyo 3008. Infact I simply prefer the...
I see. I'm getting a good deal on a DHC 80.3 but was just concerned with the pure direct feature missing from it. I do listen to some 2 channel music and wanted to find out if the "direct mode" on the integra is decent enough.
I'm in the proces of getting a new pre pro. Did anyone find out more about this "pure direct" and "direct" mode? I read through the manuals and Pure Direct on the 5509 is without subs, not sure if "direct mode" on the Integra is without subs? says 2.2.Anyone have any experience with the Integra DHC 80.3 using it just for 2 channel audio and direct mode?
I'm trying to decide:Keep my infocus SP8602 and add a Lumagen or,JVC X35 + Lumagen or,JVC X55 and no Lumagen (not in the budget right now)I recently added a Darbee to the chain and certainly enjoy my infocus SP8602, but I'm thinking that overall PQ will be surpassed with the new JVCs?At any rate I better just wait for reviews to get out.
I'm using the Darbee with an Infocus SP8602 with great results. I haven't settled in at a specific setting just yet, but HD at around 50-75% seems about right for me. I was stunned at the PQ in Avatar during the first scene with the spaceship. That scene is already pretty good in terms of sharpness, contrast and details, but the Darbee, atleast to my eyes, took it a step further and made it look even better.As described in other posts, it seems to lift a veil from the screen.
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