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A few pages back I asked about the possibility for the Oppo to make a 1440x810 pixel 16:9 picture inside it's 1920x1080 frame. I've seen some refer to it as 1/2 zoom as well. I asked a local dealer about it and he seems to confirm it can do just that. Also have a friend with an Oppo 83 and he will try and check it out as well. Call it a poor mans CIH, but I'm already accepting 1920x810 pixels during scope movies so losing in the width down to 1440 I think will...
Do you know if any scaler, for instance the DVDO or lumagen can do this as well? or any BD player for that matter.
Can the lumagen take a 1920x1080 image and shrink/crop it to 1440x810 leaving it inside the full 1920x1080 frame? Thus leaving "black bars" on all 4 sides.
Ok thanks for replying. I guess it's a compromise I'll have to accept for a better viewing experience. I was planning a dark colored rug infront of the equipmentrack/center channel to help reflections in regards to both sound and picture as well. Also, to angle the center speaker upwards.
Congratulations on your new jvc projector!) Surely a great choice for your fantastic HT room. How do you cope with only 3 memories for AR on the jvc? Just bring up the menu like you used too for the lessor used AR? I have a question regarding your center channel placement: Do you feel having it quite low affects the sound ? I want to lower my screen down to around 1foot and I agree with you that one should look into the screen, not up.
Ok thanks for the info. It's in my price range although I'd prefer a Klimt series setup:=)
Not sure if it's been answered, but will there be a matching center for the new Vienna Acoustics Imperial Grand Speaker?
Thanks for testing it atleast. I'm saving for a lens. In the long run that might be the best anyways
That is precisely what I am getting at. I was wondering if the Oppo can output 1440x810 pixels leaving the rest as black pixels(1920x1080). Thus projecting a 16:9 image and maintaining CIH at 810 pixels on a 2.35 screen. It's a compromise I know that, but down the line I might add a lens to my system. It would be nice however, to get the 2.35 screen now Maybe someone with a Oppo 93 can try the various aspects and see if they can project a 1440x810 pixel 16:9 image? I...
I want to keep the correct ratios. I simply want to zoom to a 2.35 screen with the "black bars" spilling over onto the wall for a 2.35 CIH setup without a lens. Then, when doing so, I was asking if the Oppo can output a 16:9 picture with 1400x810 pixels, thus having it fit inside a 2.35 screen. The mits HC4000 projector can do this btw. From other posts around this forum I was let to believe the Oppo has a feature for this, maybe not intended to be used just like that, but...
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