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I want to keep the correct ratios. I simply want to zoom to a 2.35 screen with the "black bars" spilling over onto the wall for a 2.35 CIH setup without a lens. Then, when doing so, I was asking if the Oppo can output a 16:9 picture with 1400x810 pixels, thus having it fit inside a 2.35 screen. The mits HC4000 projector can do this btw. From other posts around this forum I was let to believe the Oppo has a feature for this, maybe not intended to be used just like that, but...
I'm considering the Oppo 93. I wan't to use it also for it's shrink ability. * Can you shrink a 16:9 to fit a 2.35 frame? thus leaving around 1400x800 pixels or so? * If anyone using the shrink method for a CIH, how does the shrinked 16:9 look? * Is it painless to switch between the aspect ratios and shrink?
I'm in the market for a new BD player. I am considering the Oppo 93, but to be honest, if 4k is around the corner, also for next gen oppo, I'd like to get that as well before spending 1k+ dollars on it.
Does anyone know if the sony BD players generally offer a shrink method? I'm considering a CIH setup, zooming for 2.35, then shrinking 16:9 to fit on my 2.35 screen. I understand that the oppo can do that?
I guess they know exactly what to charge for it, but it's a shame we aren't seeing cheaper DC4 designs, let alone 3 chip. As far as I can tell the Runco LS-10 might be the cheapets 3 chip and it uses the 0.65" DC3 as I recall. I haven't seen the DC4 chip in action to be honest and I am running a DC3 0.65" in my own projector at the moment. Maybe 1 chip LED DC4 0.95" will be our salvation:=) (preferably cheaper than they are now!)
Excellent work. The flicker on the JVC X3 was uncomfortable for me as well, not sure how many sees it, but I'm also surprised it isn't mentioned more often in reviews. It puzzles me that the DLP camp doesn't challange the LCOS on black level. If they could bring that BL down a few notches and increase contrast a bit - for me atleast - I would choose DLP everytime. Is the DC4 0.95" really still that expensive to manufacture?
I prefer the "Dynamic black" off as well, it's to noticeble for me. I'm at max zoom on a 106" gain 0.8 screen and it seems quite bright still. I wouldn't want any less light though
Pretty tempted to get this lens. Anyone using it with an infocus sp8602? As I understand it I calculate throw ratio from the 16:9 width. Distance from the projector lens to the screen is 16 feet. I was planning on a 9 foot screen 21:9, so it will be around 6.85 feet 16:9. That gives me a ratio of around 2.3 or so. I will have to zoom all the way in on the infocus sp8602 to get a 6.85 feet wide 16:9 screen from 16 feet throw distance. Will a benefit from this in...
Does anyone here own a Canon EOS 600D that can tell what settings/mode will work well for some good screenshots?
I just wanted to add, that I've seen the BenQ W6000 and although it is a great machine I prefer my infocus sp8602 over it. Benq w6000 seemed to have a noiser picture and not as smooth. Not sure how the stack up against the Runcos though, havent seen those in action.
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