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In DispcalGUI: Tools >> Measurement reportIt requires you to measure the screen parameters with your meter and creates an html report. It takes only a few seconds.Larryedit: sorry, I just saw your report in another thread
It is most probably caused by either a bad C1 board or a bad A board. The easiest way to find out is to replace the boards.VT boards viewed from the rear:Larry
scirica, Hint: You cannot attach mov files to posts in this forum but you can attach zip files. Larry
I have no idea. Why not ask Tom and give this thread back to owners that are wowed by the picture streamed in relatively low quality directly to the TV. Larry
Sorry, Buzz, but the last plane I flew was a brand new Cessna 172. Larry
Buzz,The 100% Gamma control always adjusts the 95% gamma point. There is no such thing as a gamma control for 100% -- mathematically that is. Larry
And I don't recall when reading Chad's instructions that he used the bluer color temperature to get a higher output.Larry
IIRC that window is about 18%. Try the smaller window on the 709 disk or use one of the other free disks available in the calibration forum. They have smaller windows. Something about 5 to 7% is what most of us use these days although 10% is still pretty common.Larry
What size windows are you using to measure output? The value will vary depending on the size.Larry
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