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How do you figure they will be louder?
If you mean the alpines in the ported box would take up more volume in the trunk you are right. And if i use the shiva's it would be in a sealed box. And yes i took into account all bracing a port volume.
I need your guy's help to decide. I can do two shiva-x's each in sealed 2cu enclosures, or two alpine type r's. each in 2.5cu ported enclosures. Both setups would be powered by 1000w, so 500 per sub. help me decide pleaseee!
Well i think i figured it out. It'll be 5 cubes after the bracing, driver displacement and port displacement. The port will be 4" x 13.5 and it'll be 22 inches deep. So thats 53" of port area. I was told 10-15 per foot of internal volume so that works. And each sub will have 2.5 cubes. I think i'm ready to get plywood!
I really don't want to just start building the box without knowing the tuning and port will work out allright. Any help?
UGH! I cannot find out how deep of a slot port i would need. I want a 4" wide port, for the 5 cubic foot box.
Why coaxials? And yeah, the recommended boxes suck. lol
I agree but too big and i heard you can run into problems also. :/
Yeah i've been trying to. idk how much port volume i need so i don't run into a noise issue.
Actually man the only question i have is how wide of a slot port i should go for two of these subs. Cause i know port noise can be an issue. I can go as narrow as an inch or as wide as 4".
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