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I think we are all enjoying our trouble free projectors. Mine has well over 200 hours now and I couldn't be happier.
Jason, the projector is tilted slightly up. But the picture exagerates it quite a bit for some reason. I have not had to use any keystone adjustment to get the picture square so I assume it is ok right? Thanks
I just wanted to post my thoughts on this projector since I have about 100 hours on it now. I am not a videophile but I couldn't be happier with mine. I haven't had a single issue with it so far. I just received my screen yesterday and was pleased with the jump in brightness I got from going from blackout cloth to a vutec lectric 1 RF 110" with vue-flex pro material at 1.3 gain. This material is really thick and there is not a hint of ripple anywhere even though it is not...
Darks, Check out the Bluray/DVD settings.
You guys won't be dissapointed. I have only had mine a week and I already have over 25hours on it. It looks great even on just blakcout cloth from a fabric store.
Thanks, AKuan.
Jmarin, I hear you on that one. I just got mine last night and I haven't touched a thing except the focus and screen size and mine looks awesome projecting on to some blackout cloth thumbtacked to the wall. I can't wait to get my 1.3 gain it should look outrageous. My last projector was a Sony VPL-W400Q that I bought new in 99, it looked great for back then for an LCD but this thing is awesome. Does anyone know does the lamp default from new to the low mode or...
I don't know at all. It may very well be. The only other 2 HDTV's I have that I can try it on are 19" ones. It might be harder to see it on them but I think I will try them. Thanks,
I just picked up a PS3 from Amazon this week with "The Fifth Element" and blu ray remote free. I mainly bought this to play Blu ray movies when I get a Sony VW40 projector. For now I have it hooked up to a low end Emerson 32" HDTV from Wal-Mart with a 6' HDMI cable I bought from Monoprice. I set the PS3 to output 720P as that is what this TV accepts. Well I put on the movie expecting to be blown away by the picture and the flesh tones look horrible, The skin look...
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