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Well I guess I will try to put my 400Q up for sale and see what kind of interest it gets. I guess I will ask 2650.00 OBO it is 9months old has about 500 hours on the bulb and has A full two years and three months of factory warranty left on it. Full parts and labor warranty. Warranty is transferable. Kevin C.
Thanks for all of your informative replies. I did see the post for the one for sale it is very tempting. I talked to A guy that is local here in town and it sounds like I may not be technically inclined enough to set one up. He said they are very hard. What do you guys think is A good price to get out of my 400Q. It has about 500hrs on it and over two years of full parts and labor warranty left on it. Mint condition. How much do technicians usually charge to come out and...
I looked all over and can't find them. Also will this projector do full HDTV? I am thinking of upgrading from my 400Q and I am new to CRT. What is good price for A used 9PG with about 60hrs. Sorry for all of the newbie questions. Thanks Kevin C.
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