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Tony, Have you installed and used these enclosures before? They look very interesting. Do they bridge the gap between enclosed and non enclosed in walls? Thanks Kevin C.
Has anyone seen any plans for building your own in-wall speakers and or enclosures for bought speakers? I really would like to go with in wall speakers in my room but I have not found any enclosed in wall speakers in my price range (around 1k for all five speakers minus the sub) Would it be possible to buy some non-enclosed models and build my own enclosures in the wall for them. The house is just starting to get built so I can build them as they build the house. I...
I am curious, Are these requirements as critical if you are running HDMI cable? Thanks Kevin C.
Craig, Thanks for the link, I have finally had time to read it. Interesting read. It scares me to. I would hate to spend big bucks (for me anyway) and not like the sound I get. I wonder since my house is not built yet if I could go in the basement and reinforce the drywall and build boxes around where the speakers are going and seal them? Would it be worth my trouble to do this? I have looked and haven't been able to find any enclosed speakers in my price range. I...
Thanks for the reply David, My room is about 22x25 with an 8 foot ceiling in a basement. I think whatever I go with I will make sure to use the same three speakers in the front. Have a good one, Kevin C. Wow I just noticed my sig way out of date!
What is the difference between these two BA speakers? Which would be the best way to go for Home Theater? Basically what is the difference between a speaker with one bass unit and two? Which is better for home theater. Here is a link to the two I am looking at. Which way would you go and why? http://www.bostonacoustics.com/home_...product_id=235 http://www.bostonacoustics.com/home_...product_id=289 I know ideally all of the speakers should be the same. Would I...
Has anyone tried these. I am looking at the MLCR version to do all 5 speakers and get a big powered sub to put them with. Has anyone heard or installed any of these what did you think of them. Here is a link: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage....=1172880154021 Thanks for your time. Kevin C.
There is a new entry in the under 3K 1080P as of today. http://www.twice.com/article/CA6448441.html It is bound to start getting crowded soon with 1080P's in this forum. Kevin C.
Hey guys, I know pretty much everyone in here already has a nice HDTV setup. But I am selling my ECP 4500 CRT projector along with my RCA DTC-100 HD receiver for a very reasonable price. These units work very well together on my homemade 92" screen which you could also have if you want. Feel free to E-mail me at cobra95kev@yahoo.com if you are interested or would like an eye popping demo. I am asking 700.00 OBO and that includes me helping you set it up and learn...
KSN has definitely been flakey for me too. Earlier today I was getting about 45% on it and was getting a pretty steady picture and sound. I live in the Pawnee and Meridian area in Southwest Wichita. Last week I was hitting 100% a couple of times on KSN. But it seems to fluctuate wildly sometime. I have an RCA DTC-100 receiver. My antenna is a large outdoor Radio Shack on about a twenty foot pole. Kevin C.
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