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I did a re-search for channels and now I am getting a picture and sound. I don't know why I had to do that? Kevin C.
Hey Guys, Is anybody getting any sound or picture from ABC digital in the last couple of days? Last night my signal was pegged between 95 and 100 on my DTC-100 and all I get on the channel is black with no sound. Are they having some issues? I am getting the same thing today. Plenty of signal just no picture or sound. I hope they get this figured out before Sunday. Thanks ...
Guys, Check this thread regarding the Power DVD menu bug. Basically you just need to download the new patch that came out today. Worked great for me. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=156700 Good Luck Kevin C. :)
Hey I just installed the new patch and it works great. The menu highlights are back also. That is what bugged me the most. Now I can go back to running in Hardware acceleration mode for the first time since the Ctalyst drivers came out. Here it is from the readme file. Just like Bob said. ____________________________________________________________ With the newly evolved Microsoft DirectX Video Acceleration API, DVD acceleration hardware can be utilized not...
Vertigo, Yes I have that same problem with Power DVD. Bob said it was the older video decoders that aren't up to Microsofts new standard. The Catalyst drivers are so that is why it doesn't work right yet. Hopefully the video decoders will come out with an update soon. Kevin C. :)
Bob, Thank you very much for the explanation. I wish the guy I talked to at Cyberlink was as forthright as you were. He didn't seem to want to take responsibility for the problem. At least now I should be able to explain it to him. So will this fix both the menu highlight problem and the subtitle problem? I assumed they were related? Kevin C. :)
TK, No the subtitles still don't work right with Hardware Acceleration enabled. The same for the menu highlights. They are not there. Kevin C.
This goes against everything Stacey has been telling us. He said only aftermarket modders could do 720P or 1080I because of licensing issues that forbid any manufacturer with a DVD license to do it. It sure looks cool though. Kevin C. :)
:D I saw that one too Robert, I was laughing my butt off. Kevin C. :)
This case I am still using it works OK I guess. It was kind of a pain to put everything in it as the standoff post are a non standard size and they didn't want to tighten down very well. My mainboard is still a little loose in mine. Also the power button sometimes acts funny when I lose power and try to turn it back on it sometimes takes a few minutes. I guess I got what I payed for. Kevin C. :)
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