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Just a quick update. Ordered my W1070 from Projector People 4 hours ago and I just got a shipping confirmation. Lightning fast service. Todd
I just ordered my W1070 from Projector People - they had them in stock and verified the newest firmware is loaded on the units they have in house. It made it better than drop shipping it for me - also I bought from them in the past and they seem like good people. Lastly they are a site sponsor as well. Ryan Schneegold is the rep I use there and he is going to get it shipped out today for me. Hope to give a review in the next week or two. Todd
I thought that was the whole point of DLP - it is a sealed light path so dust isnt an issue.I am kinda new to this though but that is the reason I wanted a DLP projector.Todd
I worded that reply terribly - what I meant to say is some of the glasses that DO work with the 1070 give a less than stellar 3D result. I have only read on this, but from what I gather with certain glasses the 3D seems to be pretty good for this price point. Also at 899 you could buy alot of glasses before you catch up to the Acer. But it seems to be a ton of personal preference on projectors, at least from what I gather.Myself - I am going to give this PJ a shot for 900...
I have only read good things about the 3D quality of the BenQ for its price point, WHEN it is used with the correct glasses (144hz).VisualApex has this projector for 899 through 2/4/13 and that is about 600 less or close to half price of the Acer - I dont believe you get that much if any more projector for close to double the money.For what its worth I am a PJ noob!I plan to pull the trigger on the VA deal before it expires as I dont see this projector going too much...
Yes that is the cheapest I have found by 120 so far here in the states. They are list directly on BenQ's site as an authorized dealer if you go to the where to buy section http://www.benq.us/wheretobuy/ and then check physical store and PA as state and Huntingdon Valley for the city. They show up directly on their site as an authorized shop so I am assuming all warranty would be valid.I will probably order one from them soon.Hope that helps.Todd
I have talked to visualapex and projector people, neither can offer the audiogeneral.com price as they both told me dealer cost is above it.Also PP told me audiogeneral does not buy from benq......so did you happen to ask if the warranty is still valid through audiogeneral?If so I will probably buy it from them as it looks to be the best price that the US market will see by about 80 bux.Todd
I contacted VisualApex about an ETA on this unit and asked they would be interested in doing a Power Buy since so many people are interested in this....the sales guy is going to forward the idea to management and get back to me. So if you want one maybe hold off and see if VisualApex will do a buy on them and give us a good price. Todd
So far it doesnt look like any of the professional reviews have had anything really bad to say, in fact most say for the money it is good projector. Not one owner has they hate it or have too many derogatory things to say about this projector either. So I am fairly well convinced to give this BenQ a try. My next question is, there are SO many people looking to buy this thing in the states is it possible for a forum sponsor to set up a power buy for a killer price? How do...
Art from projector review posted this today. http://www.projectorreviews.com/blog/2012/12/14/benq-w1070-a-first-look-projector-review/ Or were we looking for the MW516 review - bah I am so confused
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