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I was so glad to see this post, because I too am in the same situation. I need to put my new surrounds in the ceiling rather than in the walls. I purchased Polk AB710 to use in the ceiling behind and to the sides of the couch. Based on the last post, should I consider returning them and buying dipoles or bipoles? Help !!
Please post experience with this receiver. How is the remote?
Just trying this one again... Any owners of the VR-507 out there...
Just looking for experience/thoughts on this unit? Enough power?
Thanks for the responses! Why does it seem like Kenwood is the only lower price set with DLPII?
Newbie asks: I have been reading alot about DLPII (Dolby Prologic II) and receivers. On a limited budget it looks like the Kenwood VR507 at about 299 is a great choice. Will be using with Tivo and DVD player. Any thoughts? What is everyone's experience with DLPII and VCR movies? Thanks [This message has been edited by billjacoby (edited 06-09-2001).]
O.K. Which one is best???
Thanks for the response, I have heard that some Dual LNB dishes have a built in Multiswitch. Any thoughts? Also, what will monthly cost be? In addition to programming package?
O.k. may be a dumb question but here goes.. If I buy UTV for main room and standalone "basic" directtv receiver for room 2, can I be recording two programs at once on UTV AND tune in a third channel in room 2? Thanks!
O.K. Probably covered elsewhere but here goes: new house, no sat yet. IF I buy a sony UTV box for the main room and a seperate "basic" directtv receiver for room two, can I: record two programs at once on the UTV and simultaneously tune in a third channel in the other room? Thanks
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