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Thanks for the responses all. I just ordered a Valor. Now to wait 3 weeks...
I was interested in purchasing the Valor, but am wondering if the Valor comes with any carpet spikes. Reason I ask is because I plan to put the Valor on its side due to clearance issues. If it does come with spikes, then it would stand to reason that the spikes help with isolation from the floor. If it does not come with spikes, then I can infer that Epik would deem it appropriate to just have the box lie directly on the floor. Thanks for any help.
I'm struggling between the 3808 and this model. I believe the 3808 displays the volume control over HDMI. Does the 2809? If so, is it capable of displaying it irregardless of the incoming signal (analog, hdmi, 24p) etc.? Thanks.
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