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Awesome. Thanks for the response. This fits perfectly in my budget.
I ordered the 8350. Any suggestions on good screens? Again, it would be 100" and there would be some ambient light. Thanks in advanced.
Thanks a lot for the advice, I, like to think at least, am fairly well versed in Plasma/LCD/LED, but projectors are a totally different ball game. I think I'll look into picking an 8350 up, thanks again!
Thanks for the advice! I'll have a look at this one
Thanks for input! Out of curiosity, IF you play FPS like black ops, was the lag noticeable?
Hi, I just moved into my new condo and was thinking of setting up a PJ. The room is roughly 15'x20'. There is a large window that will be covered by thick drapes, so there will be times where there will be some ambient light. I will be using the PJ for movies and TV mostly. I do like to play video games, but I have a plasma that can become my "game tv" if necessary. Not really interested in 3D, but if it fits into my budget..... As you can see by the title, I have...
hey guys, Just bought a pn50c8000 from amazon using the bundle deal, I was looking on the samsung web site and saw that there was a firmware update on 11/22/10. Do you guys know what it did? Did it fix any issues? I checked around the web and couldn't find any answers. Thanks
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