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In reality, I just realized that the issue has yet been solved, probably some time ago! I was not watching 8.2 anymore because of the postage stamp effect, so I wasn't aware of the changes made by PBS.Channel 8.1 continues to be the HD channel (720p), and Channel 8.2 is SD (480i), but PBS found a way to allow receivers to recognize 8.2 as a *WIDESCREEN* channel! By doing that, my receiver now allows me to zoom in or stretch the image, eliminating the postage stamp effect...
Hi, that would be fine with 16:9 shows, but in the case of 4:3 shows it means having the "postage stamp" effect, meaning, the image is at the same time letterboxed and pillared. Even when the TV has a zoom function to correct for it (mine doesn't), it implies a huge loss of resolution, due to very substantial unused area around the small wrongly sized 4:3 frame.
A correction regarding my previous post: just noticed that Channel 8.2 is not being broadcasted in HD. It's a SD channel (480i). However, it's the only SD channel in my entire lineup that activates letterbox choices in my two receivers! Very strange indeed. Channels 8.3 and 8.4 for example don't let me stretch or letterbox the screen. Unfortunately however the letterboxing option isn't helpful at all. In reality, image is worse than when the channel presented the...
I don't know if you've noticed, but apparently PBS 8.2 is again broadcasting in HD. However, because their system appears to be processing the signal as if it's 4:3 instead of 16:9, it's stretching the picture horizontally, meaning, the aspect ratio at the TV sets is wrong.
After I changed the antenna, signal became so reliable that I didn't notice any change due to the transition. There could have been a change, but I didn't notice it. However, I don't live far from the towers, so I don't know how distance affects the outcome. Here's a description of the topography that I have to deal with: the line of sight between the top of the towers and the roof of my house is obstructed by terrain ridges, and a good part of the pathway is covered by...
You're right, this is exactly the same problem that I used to have. Wind would clearly reduce the quality of the signal. I'd bet that branch movements caused further deterioration of reception. My problem went away only after I got myself a pretty big antenna, one similar to the ChannelMaster CM-4228HD:http://www.channelmaster.com/product...ID=34&catID=33
Just a guess, but I noticed that the signal during winter tends to be slightly stronger due to the trees losing their leaves.
Today (Monday) morning the 4x3 PBS Kids shows were yet shown with postage-stamp effect (incorrectly letterboxed in a small window). The problem was created by the conversion to 480i, somebody there really needs to take a look at it and fix it up.
They need to fix the 8.2 aspect ratios however now that the subchannel is broadcasted in 480i (SD). Widescreen (16x9) shows are correctly broadcasted letterboxed and as such they are showing fine. 4x3 shows however have been wrongly letterboxed too, wasting screen resolution, as in the picture below:
Wow, did you notice that PBS switched channel resolutions and now has 8.1 as its HD channel while 8.2 is now broadcasted in SD? The programming lineup however didn't change. It means for example that certain shows like NOVA cannot be watched anymore in HD during prime time... Really odd.
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