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"pros" typically recommend @ 45* angle (main listening position to left and right channels) which may or may not be doable depending on the room. This is likely what MrMagnolia was referring to, regarding the isosceles triangle. He was trying to help but people tend to get stuck on formulas and ideal situations which may not always be what the world provides.In looking at your room dimensions and pictures you would have to move the sofa closer to the screen and move the...
That room looks great Joe! I am going to shoot you a PM... If you haven't purchased subs yet have you considered building your own? It looks like you have the necessary skills and I think you'd be surprised at the possibilities!
^^^ Yes, definitely more info needed ^^^If your goal revolves around minimizing equipment in room, perhaps an in-wall sub solution, or something custom designed into / under / behind a piece of furniture would suit you. Generally subs get placed in a front of room corner and can provide adequate bass when placed there, improvements can be realized by utilizing multiples and / or alternate placement.If your heart is set on the KEF system, maybe you can experiment a bit with...
I built a couple pairs of OS a few years ago, and have since designed a revised version using a different tweeter (with lower crossover point) cabinet volume and port tune. That Hivi B4N is a pretty amazing little driver, and for @ $100 that mtm kit is a bargain!
Mine is not a dedicated room, but I do have a 104" (16 x 9) screen near Newport, RI. Room is small (13.5' longest dimension) so you really get that immersion effect! Maybe a road trip down 24 and you could see two in one day (oman321 and mine)?
Here is a quick primer on screen gain: http://www.projectorcentral.com/projector_screens_gain.htm With your description of the room I'm guessing that something rated around a gain of 1 will be fine. In some cases, higher gain values do more harm than good to the image quality.
Looks like you will need additional amps for your bathroom and outdoor zones, but by connecting your gear to your LAN you can use ip control to do everything you want. Have a look at the iRule thread in the "remote control" section for a very slick, customizable solution that uses smart phones and/or tablets as the interface.
What equipment do you already own that can be used for this room? Your budget is tight but careful shopping could yield a serviceable result!
Those are actually called "roundovers". Wrapping veneer on the vertical round-overs from front to sides as in your example picture allows for fewer seams. It would not be possible to wrap vertical and horizontal round-overs on the same cabinet with wood veneer, or visible seams on the round-over. Beveled edges (straight cuts at 45 degrees or other angles) take a bit more attention to detail when matching grain, but since you have a straight edge the veneer can be cut to...
A guy on the techtalk forum ( I think his moniker is billshu) has used accuton drivers in at least two designs. His "MOAB" floorstander (ported woofer cabinet with open back accuton mid) sounds incredible. I know I have seen a few other diy designs using accuton drivers floating around the web but these are the only ones that I have heard.
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