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I like your idea of choice of speakers - in ground is a great option when landscaping.
Absolutely. What I was wondering is if you wouldn't be better off simply buying 4 x VT60 Panny's, cheaper than buying this 84incher...no?I guess it all depends on the application.
I forgot to mention having the luxury of having camp-fire foods. Smores is a good one for sure
Well, summer has finally arrived, and if you live in the Northern hemisphere and have had enough of the cold, you can understand my excitement for the upcoming warm months. Although I have spent a substantial amount of money and time in my dedicated theater, I don't always want to be cooped up in my bat-cave. I really enjoy being outdoors, but I also have an obsession with watching movies. So a couple of years ago, I started thinking about bringing the theater...
The Talented Mr. Ripley In this week's edition of AVS "Can't-Wait" releases, we begin with a re-release of The Talented Mr. Ripley. I have been waiting for this one for a very long time. It's a drama with a dash of suspense, just enough to keep you wondering what will happen next. I really enjoy the chemistry between all the actors in this movie, most predominantly Tom Ripley's obsession with Marge Sherwood and the high-tension acquaintance between Tom and Freddie...
Good point. For that price, it's worth waiting a little longer. But then we get stuck waiting for the 4K content. How fast will Sony be able to release new 4K content?
+1 on that one. That one also has no rumoured released date, but I am keeping a close eye
Hahaha... I didn't forget, I just couldn't find a reasonable Blu-ray cover image. Plus there wasn't any talk of this movie YET....Still on the lookout though. Looking forward to even some rumours.
Awesome. Ordering mine as well. Thanks
I still get stuck watching True Lies on DVD. The movie is great, I just can't wait until they release both next year.
New Posts  All Forums: