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Typo...meant money.LOL That would be cool. Timeshare Movie Theatre.
Exactly, monitoring performance and checking for failures. That's pretty cool actually.
This week's "Can't-Wait" Blu-ray releases have no release date. They are simply movies that I can't wait to be announced on Blu-ray. Aladdin First on the list is Aladdin. This animated Disney classic has remained a favorite with exceptional musical performances and great comedy. Looking at this future release on a technical level, if the transfer is a success, it will be eye candy for any videophile. Aladdin was one of the first Disney films to use some CGI effects,...
This looks really impressive. If I had the money, I would go this route. Although I do enjoy messing around with my own mix of products, anyone looking for a turn-key solution, this definitely provides a great and almost guaranteed performance. Nice
Agreed.In turn, you really have two sets of Kaleidescape customers. The one who really want it and ask for it, and the other people that don't know about it and end up buying one. Initially, any new customer didn't need the bandwidth as it stored your physical collection. Anyone who now chooses to download Blu-rays will need to fork up extra bandwidth and the actual titles. It's convenient, but might be worth just buying the Blu-ray. Don't forget you need to add extra...
I agree with you 95%. I got some inside information for a few friends of mine that happen to be Kaleidescape dealers and they all say, it's a hard sell. Kaleidescape is a unique product and the best on the market. But the price tag is quite steep. Most of my friends clients are well off and spend lot's of money when it comes time to import flooring and exotic decor. But electronics and automation seems to fall between the cracks and gets allocated the smallest budget....
There has been lots of chatter in the last few months about streaming services acquiring new licenses and content, while others, such as Netflix, have lost content. So you might expect Blu-ray to be on the decline—but you'd be wrong. The Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) reports a 28.5 percent increase over last year's first-quarter sales. Why is that? Although DEG didn't specifically mention the reason for the increase, one can imagine that wider availability of...
+1+1+1I think we need to give this some time and let Youtube (Google) gain some licensing on content and let the magic role. Especially Sporting Events The next question will have to go out to imagic - we will need you to add Youtube to your streaming service comparison to see how they stack up to the other contenders.
This audio codec implementation was the missing link for many to dive into streaming. Although they say DTS-Express is indistinguishable from DTS-HD (lossless), I have my doubts. It's one thing streaming up to 512kb/s and then have movies that peak anywhere from 5-8mb/s. This should be interesting.
I think this is going to be the way. Today's young generation of kids is watching Youtube. Youtube is embeded pretty much everywhere in our TV, media players, tablets and smartphones. On my lunch, I browse Youtube myself. This could help cord-cutters and instead of having to go with a cable service provider, use Netflix, Hulu and 2 Youtube channels. I see this being popular. Not right away, but soon enough.
New Posts  All Forums: