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Your absolutely right bgalakazam, you are better off going with the AVR-1913. But just to be fair, you have to compare apples with apples. The E300 is not the comparable to the AVR-1913. You would need to look at the E400. Both the E400 and AVR-1913 have roughly the same power, 7.1ch and same HDMI inputs. As Myoda mentioned above, the new E series has those push-in speaker connectors which aren't popular among enthusiasts. The E400 also offers 4K upscalling for...
Too funny, I did not realize that...True that. Big mistake...lol
I have to agree. As mentioned above and in the podcast, the new UHD displays are in a sense like a retina displays. The picture quality is simply better for several reasons. Resolution is not the only factor here.
+1 on that.What would be funny is instead of having those cheesy "What is Blu-ray" trailers before your movie starts, maybe have "What is Ultra-Wide". Having some of the slides from Panamorph before my movie would explain a lot to the guests in my theater.Regardless, with or without an explanation, everyone who watches my 140inch Ultra-Wide screen is impressed. There simply something so attractive when watching a cinemascope movie.
It's really a personal preference. I for one watch more movies than television. The majority of my Blu-rays are in a ultra-wide aspect ratio.Many AVS'ers choose to use a projector with deep blacks such as JVC projectors. With the blacks being so black on a JVC, you don't notice as much the black bars on a 16:9 screen. Others will use an anamorphic lens or the zoom feature on the Panasonic projectors to fully expand the picture to an ultra-wide 2.35 screen. I prefer the...
True that.
+1.With a Q&A after the presentation, this will be the perfect opportunity for anyone wanting more technical questions answered. There is no silly question. So ask away.
I think that is the major problem. Technology development didn't move that fast even a decade ago. A format expectancy was supposed to last 10 years as VHS and DVD did. Even today though DVD still is available on the market even though prices on Blu-rays and players have gone down in price.Today we are simply trying to catch up all time. It took the Chinese a couple of years before they started replicating technology and now, it only takes a few weeks. 4K was announced at...
I actually have someone who wrote a review of the system:http://www.andrew-robinson-online.com/review-airflex5d-af5d-30-projector-stacking-system/
Did you know that over 75% of the top-grossing movies are ultra-wide? These movies have an aspect ratio of 2.35:1, so when they are played on a high-def display with a screen aspect ratio of 16:9 (1.78:1), black letterbox bars appear above and below the active image. Consumers have been complaining about these black bars since the 16:9 format was first released. Fortunately, there is a solution available for those with a front-projection system—an anamorphic lens and...
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