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If I had to name the most anticipated home-theater product of the year, it would have to be a 4K physical format. UHD displays have already started shipping to retail outlets around the world, but one piece of the puzzle still remains—content distribution. Netflix has announced that within two years, it will be streaming 4K content over the Internet. Sony has announced it will distribute 4K content via online downloading, and the company will start releasing "Mastered in...
Actually, so far the rumors are that the new PS4 delivery system for content will be over the network. No physical media has been announced. Sony and Microsoft are due to be announcing final build products May/June.
David Susilo confirmed with me that the new discs do show a difference in quality especially in fast moving scenes. He was setting up a Sony VPL1000 4K projector using the Total Recall "Mastered in 4K" disc.We will have to stay tuned to see if there were any differences in the color gamut using the Sony projector has it is not using the Triluminos technology.David will keep us posted with his findings. Thanks David
What I think people forget though Larry is the fact that not all Blu-rays get a nice transfer. In the last couple of years, studios have been spitting out releases and re-releasing them two-three years later and stating remastered such as Total Recall (the original one), Terminator series and more. Some of the more new releases or the most anticipated classics like Lawrence of Arabia, Wizard of Oz, Singing in the Rain etc receive more attention and budget in the transfer...
I think I will head down to the Sony store on May 14 to see if they will receive any copies and play it on their 84incher. Only then will we be able to see (subjectively of course) if the extra data on the disc will make a difference. I'm not trying to support the new "Superbit" discs, but there might in fact be more resolution once on a large UHD display. Who knows right now.
Yup. Agreed. If streaming falls, it is due to movie retractions like this one that will kill the industry.This is a sad day. Although I already enjoyed Mark's Streaming service comparison, I feel I will need to review them more in detail and really start looking at my options. Netflix is still the strongest out of all the streaming services for movies anyways (in my opinion) only because of the huge title base they have acquired over the years.Netflix will need to review...
I agree with you there Glimmie. For instance I just purchased Lawrence of Arabia, boy what a remarkable transfer it was.But these discs differ from those such as Lawrence of Arabia and more due to the fact that the full BD50 disc will be reserved for the feature film.These are literally re-vamped Blu-ray version of the Superbit DVDs.
Hi jmallory, to answer your question, yes all these titles will be on a BD50 disc. Having no extra features and fancy menus should allow for more data to be stored. Until the discs come out, I wasn't able to find the new bit rate data on these discs. Nobody has received them from the studios.
In this week's special edition of AVS Can't-Wait releases, I introduce Sony's "Mastered in 4K" Blu-rays set to be released later this year. At this year's CES show in Las Vegas, there were many Ultra High-Definition televisions on display. But very few companies were able to answer the critical question, "Where's the content?" Among the few that did address this issue was Sony, which—aside from its 4K online-delivery service—displayed the cover art of future Blu-rays...
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