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I just checked a couple of my THX certified discs (Avatar Collector's Edition and Titanic) and they do not have it. You could try downloading some stuff from here - http://www.avsforum.com/t/948496/avs-hd-709-blu-ray-mp4-calibration
It's on the Terminator 2 disc, the one released before the Skynet Edition. I've read the Skynet Edition does have it on there but I don't own it so I can't confirm it.I think the Alien DVDs have the optimizer but not the blu-rays.
My copy showed up this past Saturday just in time for Halloween! I will be watching it on... Halloween!
I'm importing the UK steelbook. The US artwork is terrible. I'll have to wait a bit to watch it which is the only downer. Won't be here until sometime after December 9th.
Nice review up on Blu-ray.com Looks like this could be a great disc.
Yes. Keeping my fingers crossed. This is one of my favorite Carpenter movies.Only 1 month to go...
Nice looking cover... but it's not 3D!
@JBJR - Do your players use BD-Live? I've read that some people have had problems with BD-Live and this disc. They ended up turning it off and the disc played fine.
I used my PS3 when I watched it the other night. No issue. The disc was a Walmart Metalpak bought on release day.
Agreed.Fantastic movie. Great visuals. Great audio. Glad I bothered to get that metalpak release from walmart.Oh, Andrea + pool scene =
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