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Right click the volume icon in the taskbar and select Playback Devices. Then select your video card/hdmi output and hit Set Default.
Yup. Or upgrade to an HD box with Comcast.
If the TV has a Hulu app, then yes.There is no "reception" with internet streaming. Quality all depends on your internet connection.There are many ways to stream content, and all have their positives and negatives. I would say the easiest way is to hook up a laptop or desktop to your tv with an HDMI cable. But there are also many other ways, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.
How is everything connected? Optical or hdmi? Either way, you probably have to go into settings-sound-audio output and re-do the settings to match what your system can and can't accept.
Your tv probably found all the QAM channels that your cable provider offers. Problem is, most of them are encrypted. A cable box or cablecard tuner can access those channels, but your tv cannot. It can only access the channels that are not encrypted, usually the local network channels. When I do a scan on my tv, it breaks down how many channels it found are encrypted, and how many are not. Kind of a tease that your tv doesn't tell you that haha
It should. Most laptops from the past 2 years or so should be powerful enough to output 1920x1080. However, that all depends on the video card.HDMI and DVI are the same, except that HDMI also outputs audio, where with DVI you would have to run it separate. These would be your best option, as they are both digital. VGA usually gives the same resolution, but it is analog.
It all depends on compression, and Comcast is usually pretty bad at it. Going from a 52 to a 75, you are going to notice things you didn't before. Honestly, I don't think a new box will help. Any box they give you can only display whatever is being fed into it by the cable system, and if that signal is highly compressed, it doesn't matter what type of box is playing it out to the tv. Not sure about your location or anything else, but since you have a fairly large tv, I...
Assuming you have Windows 7 (Not sure if it's the same for Windows 8) after you plug it in, right click the volume icon in the taskbar. Select Playback Devices, then select your display and hit Set Default. That should default to that every time you plug it in now.
Normally, yes. However, if the compression is low enough, there won't be any difference in quality. Even movies on Netflix now are very comparable to a movie on blu-ray.If you are talking about streaming, like Netflix, then no, they do not offer HD audio. Most are 5.1, but not high def audio. If you are talking about downloaded movies, then it depends on how it was compressed.But overall, if you are asking if you need a Smart TV, the answer is no. There is no difference in...
That, or just pony up for another receiver. That's certainly the easiest solution haha
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