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You cannot get rid of the banding, without replacing the panel, it's a quality issue with these TV's. It seems like it's part of the glass substrate. The first one I got returned the bands were apparent with the TV off, my new one is better, but not perfect. I can live with the minor banding. Apparently Sharp has addressed the issue with newer TV's but those of us who have these older ones and are out of warranty are SOL.
Really, I'm not getting what all the fuss is about regarding the "poor" reviews. The reviews don't seem to be bad, just that the reviewers seem to expect SO much more from the TV than what it is. It's not a super high end unit, it's a good performing unit at a great price point, with great energy usage to boot.
DYNAMIC mode is useless unless you live in a store with a ton of light in the room. You can calibrate GAME mode as you can with all the other modes. BTW the TV going Black while switching to GAME mode is most likely due to the TV turning off certain features so it has less lag.
The last time I checked Best Buy priced matched their own online sales. And yes that is the game they are playing now with the model #'s, but revisions is completely understandable, they are typically older versions, therefore should be cheaper. A Samsung A650 should be considerably cheaper than the B650, 2008 model vs. 2009 model. And a quick check at the site verified that they will price match BestBuy.com: http://www.bestbuy.com/site//olspage...=1118843518460
The XS1 and the XBR8 are similar in that they use Red-Green-Blue LED's to create white light for the backlight, but they are very different in the implementation of the dynamic dimming. The XBR8 dims the different color LED's together, thus a standard dimming system, but the XS1 dims each color of LED separately, thus it can dim in color.
Sharp is not saying that they use LED's & Fluorescent lamps as backlights. They are referencing how the LED's create white light, a fluorescent coating over a blue LED light to create white light.
The site you are looking for is: www.tvblink.com
That sure is not an equal TV. First it is an older model and second it is an inferior TV, 720P vs. 1080P. I would not accept this exchange and would demand a better deal.
First try to lower the sharpness setting, otherwise some movies have graininess added for effect on blu-ray as well. But I do notice the noise as well in high contrast dark scenes, but I'm not sure if it's the TV or the cameras used in filming the scenes. I can only assume it's difficult for a camera to pick up light during a dark scene, and if they jack up the gain to compensate, causing the graininess, not sure. Also, did you register your TV with Sharp and become an...
FIOS isn't like Comcast, in that you can get certain channels without a cable box. FIOS requires a box to decipher the channels. If you're looking to get channels from a FIOS cable feed without a box it's not going to happen.
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