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I'm a newbie in this topic. How can i do this and what is the Optimum curve?
This is the result of the AutoEQ… is this acceptable or what could be done to improve this? Thanks S.
Ok this was exactly what I was asking. If somebody can tell men now, how to change the default "P3 JAZZ" to the last use or an other Preset, than I'm happy
You mention it also, why the hell is the default for the DD+ always "P3" the "Jazz" setting? How can I change this? Does this means that it will alter the EQ optimized for JAZZ?
Thanks for the tips. I have done a Auto-EQ without the PC only with the signal CD. Before, I have adjusted the AVR to use 0db and all speakers to small. What is a bit curios is, that the Volume on my Veldoyne DD+ 15 is set to 06! I think 06 is a little bit low but my cheap SPL meter confirmed, that this is the 75db level of the Velodyne.I need to investigate with the Software but is 06 not a little bit to less for the Velodyne? Should I lower the output of the AVR to...
Hi Experts, I will receive my DD15 + today. I have a Arcam AVR600 with integrated Audyssey calibration. I wonder what is the best way to calibrate the DD+ 15 with my current System. Is Audyssey changing anything in regards BASS EQ? The normal speaker will be changed by the Audyssey in regards the EQ. Is this also with the Subwoofer? Options: 1.) Calibrate with Audyssey all speakers and do afterwards with the Auto EQ with the Velodyne and don't use the EQ Option of the...
I have a quick question in regards Sony VW500 and the JVC X500 Fan noise: Is the High mode of the Sony louder than the High mode of the JVC? How about the Low mode?
I'm not sure if this "JVC DILA Remote Control Guide for RS232 and LAN" is the latest one: http://support.jvc.com/consumer/support/documents/DILAremoteControlGuide.pdf Does anybody know if there is a newer one for the X500?
Ok, I left this to auto and the Lumagen XS should normally take care of this. What is your settings? Brightness 0 and Contrast 0? What benefit has "Super White"?
I just finished my auto calibration with Lumagen XS. Now I just verified with AVS Calibration disk the "Black Clipping" pattern. I have "Brightness and Contrast" set to 0 and I only see tje black bars blinking starting from 20. I'm curious what settings for "Brightness and Contrast" was set for other users here? Can you please post the settings? Thanks
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