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Yeah, apparently the up and down arrows on the comcast remote control the contrast without being in the menu.....who woulda thought?
Hey guys! Havent been in here in a while. Hopefully someone can help me out. Im sittin at work and my wife texts me saying that the TV is black but she can hear the sound. No matter the input. Cable box, PS3, computer...black screen but can still hear the audio. Any ideas? Thanks for the help! Edit: Nevermind! GOt home an started looking, the OSD was working so I knew something was up. Went to the menu and saw that somehow my 15 month old son had managed to get to the...
ummm...Im thinkin the rep was wrong. My interface looks nothing like that. I still have the one I posted earlier in this thread.
If memory serves, the picture on the box is a Wand and a Nav., can it hold 2 wands?Edit...NM found out for myself, it does.
I use a DS3 to control it, no remote. And I have no issue navigating the XMB with the Move either. Like I said, it would probably be cool for a little while, but would get old.
Just got the Move SC Bundle and an extra wand on Sat. Really diggin it so far. What are you guys using to charge them? Just the reg. USB cables for the DS3s? Or one of the many stands available? What are your thoughts on the stands if you have used one? I have 2 DS3s and now 2 move wands that will need charging and would like as few cords as possible. Thanks!
anyone heard of Move support coming? Think it would be kind of cool, for a little while anyway.
leaning towards this: JVC - Factory-Refurbished Everio High-Definition Digital Camcorder w/ 2.7" LCD Monitor - Onyx Black seem like a good idea?
Okay, so my Mother in Law wants to buy us a camcorder for christmas. She will spend between $200 and $250 on it. What is the best bang for the buck camcorder to get in that price range? We have never owned a camcorder, so we are very new to this whole thing. This will be for family stuff, we just had our first baby in July. Thanks for your help.
Like a previous poster mentioned, from HackingNetflix.com:http://www.hackingnetflix.com/2010/1...vailable-.html
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