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I admire your brute force approach.
Depends on the room as others have stated before.My room will shake with just 1 small 12" sub that rolls off @ 20Hz. 2nd floor HT.I also have 18" subs, and very little volume is required to send strong ripples across the floor that shake the couch. So glad I'm not in a basement on a concrete slab.
That sucks, but should be repairable.Otherwise I've seen replacement woofers on ebay new and use for $50-90.
I actually have KG 5.5's, but I imagine they sound similar to the KLF.I run everything thru a HTPC and use Jriver media player, which has DSP capabilities.Got the frequency response of my room with REW, then eq'd somewhere near the middle of the response I got with Audyssey vs no Audyssey.
Sounds like you're set, and without much effort. Time to enjoy.I never use the pure direct, although I forgot why I chose to avoid it. Music is strictly 2 ch stereo, and video multi channel, DTS, or whatever format the surround is.Interested in hearing you thoughts on the Ti tweeters when you get those. I'm running stock ones. Originally I was going to upgrade them since I wasn't happy with the way they sounded with Audyssey or without. But since eq'ing them, then I...
Thumbs up for Ben for tugging heart strings. I'll see you guys Thurs. I flagged Lazy's post for spewing M$ nonsense.
Very nice.We have very similar systems.Suggestion: I disabled Audyssey for the mains. Audyssey neutered the frequencies way too much in my room, and made for a very dull lifeless presentation. Without Audyssey running my mains were too bright in the highs and mids, but with parametric eq, I was able to get amazing sound out of my speakers. I know we all have different tastes, but thought I'd share what worked for me since we're running nearly the same equipment.Demo...
King of The Hill was my favorite Halo game type. Wish they had upped the player count to 100 for maximum chaos I'll try to join tonight.
Seemed more like an Adderall fueled post than alcohol one.There's a player list in my leaderboard sig for those looking for a list... although I haven't updated it in awhile. I think anyone can add themselves though.
Understood. Just checking.Excellent system man. Top notch.
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