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Yeah I'm not opposed to travel for a deal. That's how I scored my KLF-C7 center which was also 2hrs away in L.A..
Riverside has deals right now. Heresy III for 300 Heresy mint condition for 100 obo 2 hr drive from me. Called and left a message.
There's also a pair of mint condition Heresy for 100 or best offer.
A pair in riverside for 300. Sounds too cheap tho.
OK I didn't realize you could get new ones, so those could work. I'm good with subs. The main reason changed my room up was to go back to a 4 sub system with 1 sub on each midwall. I get really even response now. Thank you for the suggestions.
Thanks for suggestions guys. I tried laying the KGs on their side but the sound was awful. Have a pair of KSB 3.1 bookshelves I could use, but that's a big downgrade. The THX line is tempting but I would want a demo first. A Hersey would be on par with the KGs? I thought about those but assumed they would be a small step back.
I could use some help researching speakers. Last weekend I tore my system down and reoriented to a new location that lets me utilize the length of the room. I upgraded to bigger projection screen while at it, and now my beloved KG 5.5 mains are too big to fit to the side or under the screen. So what Klipsch speaker could I replace them with that are 32 inches or less in height and won't be a downgrade from the KGs? Thanks.
Wow I don't think I broke 30m... I need to work on my jumping skills.
I'll join.
I admire your brute force approach.
New Posts  All Forums: