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We all remember the very first movie we saw on the big screen in a theatre. That larger than life big screen picture and sound. Today we have the technology to bring much of that experience into our homes through large screen displays and lossless surround sound audio. But its still not the same…..or is it? We were wondering how the cinematic experiences impact your home theater habits, and vice-versa. Does the fact that you are a Home Theater enthusiast actually result...
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Dolby Congratulates Oscar-Nominated Sound Editors, Mixers, and Cinematographers Dolby audio and imaging technologies used for Academy Award–nominated films San Francisco, February 22, 2012—Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: DLB) announced today that all Oscar®-nominated films in the Achievement in Sound Editing and Achievement in Sound Mixing categories were released with Dolby® audio technologies. In addition, the Dolby Professional Video Reference Monitor was used in a...
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