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I plan to pay for my monthly sub tonight then get into it maybe Monday or Tuesday night (I have Tue and Wed off work)
Okay. i'll pay for it this weekend. gonna do lancer, eventually to go dragoon
My free month has lapsed, but i plan on paying for my sub later and getting into more. i just need a group to play with. you guys are on goblin server right? what classes are you needing more of?
I have a bit of flashlighting but itks not bad at all.
Playig with the tv tonight, i really got that deep black level by turning the HDMI black level to low, but now it seems to be crushing blacks, so i still need to play with it.
Yes, the black levels are pretty light. I'm struggling with them. Yes, the backlight does turn completely off (on some models) but this can be defeated by going to Movie mode.This tv is weird though. Black levels are kinda light, but when I calibrated it, Blu Rays looked REALLY good. Not quite the pop of a good Sony or a plasma, but better than my previous Sammy. However with other sources, the picture is worse than my old Sammy (a 2008 A530). Streaming Netflix,...
There are multiple party members......I'm in!!!
The vast majority of people in here will probably suggest you move up to a soundbar or go full 5.1 or more HT if you could afford it, and i agree with them.
Hmmmm... I have my backlight at 8. i would like to raise it higher, but it destroys the black level. then i notice you have your brightness at 43. pretty low. no problems with shadow detail? You have your sharpness set at 15? using the test pattern on the dve disc, it showed that my display added edge enhancement at anything above sharpness level 3! but it wasnt visible from a normal seating distance. I also have my dynamic contrast set on low, but all other...
Is anyone having trouble getting their 6300 picture settings dialed in? I have adjusted mine using a DVE HD Essentials disc and mk-1 eyeball, but i cant seem to get it dialed in. I have a 40" sammy A530 that i managed to get the picture dialed in pretty well. it had nice "pop" in the image. the contrast seemed to be good. However with the 6300, i cant achieve that same level of pop. maybe the contrast isnt there? the black level on the 6300 is a little on the weak...
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