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I just heard about the product from a well informed friend. Sounds like it provides a significant improvement for a relatively low cost. Me want one!
What is your preferred listening mode on your 80.3 for movies? Music?
Thanks for your reply!
For music? For Movies?
Touchy aren't we
Now you are talking my friend!
I'm just sayin......entry level speakers have their place of course but there are many out there that are looking for capable speakers for BOTH ht & music. Not sure any of the tested speakers fit that requirement.
Let's hope that a shoot-out with grown up speakers can be scheduled soon:). A suggested list: Salk; Dynaudio;Gallo; Acoustic Zen; Focal; Symphonic.
Very solid speaker stands custom made for the Seaton Cat 12's but can fit many other speakers. None better. Initial cost: $895, selling for $395. Prefer local pickup in SF Bay Area but will ship.
I have a pristine pair of Legacy Audio Focus SE's for sale. 10/10 condition. You have to hear these to believe them! As Legacy states: “I started by re-sculpting the cabinet, making it a bit narrower, yet deeper. I stiffened and angled the sidewalls, front baffle, and cabinet top to avoid parallel surfaces and potential standing waves. Facets were machined into the cabinet corners to progressively narrow the baffle with rising frequency. Even the grille of the FOCUS SE...
New Posts  All Forums: