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I was at a local Target this past weekend and they had the Sharp LC-70LE640u for $1499...if you have the Target Red Card you get another 5% off. $1425 before tax. This isn't listed on their site or advertised anywhere. It might have just been my local store.
Not everyone has 2k+ to just throw out for a new TV. When you have student loans, house repairs, bills, mortgage, etc it's pretty hard to convince even myself that a new TV is a priority when the 5 year old set I have still works. I'd love to have a new TV and surround sound but I'd much rather have a new house or some bills paid off. It's important to live in the same reality as those you live with.
Bingo...unless you watch TV with a meter.
Why would you pay anyone to calibrate your TV when you already know so much about them yourself?
Just sayin'
Shouldn't this thread just be deleted?
I use Fat Wallet, Big Crumbs, Shop at Home, eBates and Unbeatable
Xbox and stream Netflix and Hulu and you can also watch live TV streams via the main HTPC. You can get the basic XBOX for $199 or less. Seems like a rather affordable and simple to use solution to me.
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