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That is something we agree on, but at the same time, it's a very low bar.
If you don't care about the UI, then why not just use a cable company DVR? No, the entire experience is what matters, not specific features like a fast processor. Believe me I wanted the TiVo Premier to be great. I was a long time TiVo owner, bought the first HD TiVo for $1000 and had two Series 3s that I paid $800 each for. I don't mind paying for the best and the TiVo Premier isn't it.
My experience with the Premier can be summed up like this "A TiVo that only a fanboy could love." With the HD UI, it might just be the slowest DVR I've ever used (if you know of a slower one, please share). Add in the fact that not all the "high traffic" areas have been updated and switching between UIs is a little jolting, and you have yourselves an abomination. It's sad to say, but TiVo would've been better off only updating the hardware and leaving this software in...
The original press release all but spells it out and yet people still don't believe. http://www.engadget.com/2009/12/17/b...-ps3-is-ready/In fact no official sources ever said it wouldn't do full 3D, but idiots assumed it wouldn't just because it had an HDMI 1.3 port. Only to find out that lots of HDMI 1.3 devices support Full HD 3D. (not sure why this annoys me, but it does)
Just from outside appearances (not technical) it seems nVidia has the edge in regards to 3D. In fact I don't think ATI even makes a 3D kit for PCs like the nVidia 3D vision. I would be interesting in hearing the differences in the 3D technical differences between the two.
Was there ever any doubt? Sony stated this was the case from day one. I mean how many times does a company have to announce something before people believe it?
I don't believe anyone has seen a Samsung Plasma do 3D, in fact I don't even remember seeing one at CES.
http://blogs.consumerreports.org/ele...k-three-d.htmlhttp://hdguru.com/panasonic-tc-p50vt...t-review/1391/ I haven't done a review myself, but do think that Panasonic's 3D demo at CES was superior.
Interesting regardless, thanks for posting.
Panasonic is not charging $1000 premium just for 3D. In fact the VT series has always been considerably more than the G line even before 3D was a differentiator. As for 2D to 3D conversion, it is like an upconverting DVD player, useless. As much as I'm excited about 3D, I think fake 3D does more harm than good (people will think all 3D looks like fake 3D).
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