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Lowes or HD or Hardware store
As a make-do fix you can use liquid electrical tape on the surrounds. It should bridge and seal them up. Its less than perfect and kinda an eye sore but you probably couldn't tell sonically without measurement equipment.
I used this stuff and it works great for a backing material. You can breath through it and its strong enough to be pulled very taught. Also very professional looking for a backing IMO.
Yeah, you guys will get it worse than us probably. I hope not too, the last one was a PITA. I have a "locals" thread for southeastern NC thread in the area meets forum. I'll PM you the link in case you want me to add your info.
Dude, you really think I've been sitting around waiting for someone to answer that since 2009! Yeah I figured that out and a bit more in the FOUR YEARS since that post.Cheers.
Hey JD sorry to hear about the latest challenge man... Just let me know when you need help and im there in 3hrs. keep up the good fight.
OOPS, I miss-typed here.Youll want the resonance as far away from the passband of the woofer as possible. IDK where the speaker is crossed over but with an enslosure that small your more likely to be able to push it above the passband of the woofer instead of below.
Hey Mhutchins, A couple opinions on some of that..... 1. Remember those models are free space models so assuming the surrounds are mounted on the wall or very close to it, add 3-6db down at 80-100Hz from boundary reinforcement. Probably closer to 6db. 2. I would personally like to see the port resonance a little lower out of the midrange but thats just me. I'm personally a fanboy of sealed for this an many other reasons. 3. Make sure your using LR2 for your high...
Very nice looking build!Copied here also for benefit of your build thread:
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