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It was $40 per sheet. We stacked 4 sheets to cut at a time which didnt work so well. If i did it again i punch one or two sheets at a time. I got some blowout on the backs of the sheets caused by sawdust building up between the sheets.
4" total prob will not get your total speculars -20db. Youll probably miss the last octave before your room transitions to modal behavior but should work well above that.Whether its better than nothing is a personal question to me but imo yes it would be significantly better than nothing.I find specular reflections most audibly offensive in the 900-3kHz region and you should attenuate those sufficiently with any of your options.Whether or not to leave the air gap or fill...
Hey Jason, The BAD patterns are available online, i think i found pdfs of the patterns at gearslutz. There are waaay too many holes to do by hand imo. If you take the pdfs to a shop with a cnc they can convert them and cnc the panels for you. It still took like 8hrs on the cnc although the operator setup the cnc to do three plunges on each hole to clean up the hole when one or two would have been fine for this application and material. I used 1/8" tempered hardboard. ...
Lol thanks guy but dont go expecting lightning progress now.....
Well after a long break from working in theater im again working to finish the acoustic treatments. Here is my final design and assembly procedure: Empty upholstered frame BAD panel grating installed Flush with Roxul Backing fabric(landscape fabric) installed Im going to wait on installed pics just yet bc the theater is a mess but they are installed as groups of the attached together in an array. All together five arrays on the side walls for a total of 15...
Lowes or HD or Hardware store
As a make-do fix you can use liquid electrical tape on the surrounds. It should bridge and seal them up. Its less than perfect and kinda an eye sore but you probably couldn't tell sonically without measurement equipment.
I used this stuff and it works great for a backing material. You can breath through it and its strong enough to be pulled very taught. Also very professional looking for a backing IMO.
Yeah, you guys will get it worse than us probably. I hope not too, the last one was a PITA. I have a "locals" thread for southeastern NC thread in the area meets forum. I'll PM you the link in case you want me to add your info.
Dude, you really think I've been sitting around waiting for someone to answer that since 2009! Yeah I figured that out and a bit more in the FOUR YEARS since that post.Cheers.
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