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I loved Iron Man 3 Mike from Neighbours came a long way i like 3 way more the the others the action was cool and i enjoyed the story a big thumbs up from me
I loved the movie i would watch it again
I watched this at my local 4k cinema the 3d was ok i was way more impressed with Jack The Giant Slayer 3D
Ive seen this at my local sony 4k cinema and its the best 3d movie ive seen so far by far there was a few good pop moments in it
I take it was just my version that had the black line i was expecting this to be in 4k for a big buget movie like this
I Love Scorpions on dvd and it has dts a brill concert
I went with 2 mates one hated one thought it was average i loved this movie cant wait for the blu ray
Hi i just watched this 2nite at my local cinema they have a sony 4k system in alot of the scenes i noticed there was a black line down the centre of the screen in a lot of the scenes I wonder if anyone else noticed it or if there was a problem with the version my cinema had i liked the movie if you like the other ones you will love this one too
Hi ive got the optoma hd 65 projector and the Hdmi port has stopped working has anyone had the same problem on a projector and had it fixed
Has no one had a faulty hdmi port
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