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No issue I am aware of. My sister has the same setup and no problem with hers...
Reasonable as long as it all works. Honestly tho, plan on keeping it. How much for the lamp?
Music or movies makes no difference. A bookshelf is incapable of matching a floor stander/tower...plain and simple.
I think it is just a glitch. All I have to do to stop it is hit the opposite button of what ever is messing up. I never heard of anyone else having the issue before.Wait! I think we have a pattern here! YOU have an association with each of the malfunctioning remotes...Coincidence or... The only flaw (which may not be a flaw after all) is I don't know you and my 550 has done it. HOWEVER I did buy it refurb so maybe you DID have it once and returned it?
It isn't ''common''' but it happens often enough to wonder why it is sticking...Unless all you use is harmony (and it is not specific to Denon) for everything, one would likely NOT know about it.
And thus the reason you yourself are running rather large towers... Bookshelf speakers CANNOT match a tower...unless it is a cheap, crappy tower...
Harmony is the issue. I have one where I press a button and one never knows if the volume will rise, channels change or what. Keep the remote charged and that is your issue...not the charging, the remote...
Absolutely...the 4310 XT and the 4311 XT32 is apples and oranges in comparison in regards to refined, cleaner, not bloated, sound quality. The 4520 would have the same gains I would imagine.
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