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Thanks I will try ARC, hopefully that works...unfortunately my setup-up was done by a pro and all wiring goes through my inside walls. There are spare Cat5s run to the TV but no optical.
I just ventured into the world of streaming content to my TV last night. I used Netflix in the Viera Apps page on my Panasonic LED TV. The problem that I encountered is that the audio will only play through my TV speakers and not through my Yamaha tuner and 5.1 setup. Currently my TV is directly connected to my home network using Cat5. My tuner is also connected to my network using Cat5. I have a single HDMI going from my tuner to the TV. My cable box is the only...
PQ on CBS5 San Francisco via Comcast tonight was horrible...tons of blurring for the entire broadcast. I hope that they figure it out before the Masters this weekend! Not happy...well except for the fact that I had Louisville -4...
So how the heck do I get to the pandora & xm-sirius inputs?!
Yo browning that worked...thanks....only downside is that the iTunes song that I started before I hopped to pandora shows up on the AirPlay interface on iPad and tv.
I know it has "Internet radio" with a million random stations...I literally plugged in yesterday and I'm still exploring. My AV guy set up tv, surround, uni-remote, and receiver. He was gone when I got home from work so I didn't get a demo.
I just turned up a new Yamaha a820 and I'm trying to figure out AirPlay. My question is this can you play pandora from a connected iPad/iPhone using AirPlay? Or is it only reserved for iTunes content? I don't have much ITunes music as I primarily use Pandora for general listening, parties, work-outs etc.
Can someone here tell me the non-Costco model number for the Panasonic TC-55LE54, 55" LED set? Also any feedback on this model is appreciated. I am moving to a new home and need to upgrade from my current Panny 42" Plasma. I love the plasma display so if you think I'm going in the wrong direction with the LED let me know. My preference is to buy at Costco. Thanks!
Can someone tell me if the 49er game will be broadcast locally in the Bay Area in addition to the NFL Network broadcast? I'm having Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house and they do not have NFLN...I know that I can add it on the fly but I'm wondering if the game will be simulcast on CBS 5 or another local broadcast...thanks!
Hello, I am heading over to a friends house for Superbowl and we're trying to set up an additional viewing area for the game. He's got DTV with only 1 HD box so we're considering setting up an OTA set. I'm bringing over my 32" Vizio and am looking for some low cost advice for a one day setup. He lives in Pleasant Hill close to downtown (not in the hills). What are the odds of us getting a good HD signal for the game? Any advice on picking up signal and/or antenna...
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