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When the screen is deployed, is the batten bar at the bottom lined up properly with the bottom viewable edge of the screen (equidistant all the way accross)? In other words, did the fabric pull out of one end of the batten bar?
Some Da-Lite "Square Format" screens are actually square, while others are not. And as mentioned, they do not come with top and bottom masking. Another difference is that the "Square Format" screens count the side masking in the quoted dimensions. The actual viewable width is less. They are really meant more for powerpoint presentations, etc.
You are correct. Also, if you are using a 'scope screen and will be zooming to get constant height, your projector choices and projector positioning will both be more limited. curtishd: Have you already decided which PJ you are getting, and whether you'll be zooming or using an anamorphic lens?
Welcome to the forum! One popular guideline for figuring screen size is that you want your primary seating distance to be between 1.5x and 2x your screen width away from the screen. This would mean a seating distance between 12' and 16' for a 54" x 96" (110" diagonal) screen. This is just a rule of thumb, however, and like a lot of things, depends on your personal taste. I usually recommend to get the largest screen you can watch comfortably. For some folks, this...
There are definitely screens worth that much, and many that are worth more. But you don't necessarily need to spend that much to get your feet wet. On the other hand, if you are looking to get the cheapest electric screen you can lay your hands on, be careful. There's a lot of junk out there mixed in with the good stuff. If your budget is tight (under $500), I have a couple suggestions: 1) Get a good quality manual pull down from a reputable company. Examples might be...
Hello, and welcome to the forum! My 2 cents would be to try hooking your monitor up to a friend's PC (maybe one with XP) and see if the problem goes away. If it does, then the monitor is probably fine. If you have the same issues on your friend's PC, you may need to repair/replace it. That said, this forum section is really for screens used in conjunction with a projector (like the screens in movie theaters). There is an LCD Flat Panel display section...
You should be fine. The usual recommendation is to have your seating 1.5x to 2x you screen's width away from the screen. For your screen (105" width), that's about 13'-1" to 17'-4". Go towards the 13'-1 distance if you tend to sit in the middle rows of a commercial theater, and towards the 17'-4" if you tend to prefer the back rows. Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes only. Marc Rumsey assumes no responsibility for exploding heads.
Hard to tell without knowing more about the 720p PJ you're comparing it to. A SIM2 C3X for example would be better than either at 720p material, but would also be much more expensive. My guess is that the older 720p you're thinking of probably won't compare as well as the 1080p's due to improvements in other areas beside resolution such as contrast and black level.
Good choice. I read somewhere that the newest Rambo movie has about 2.59 kills per minute.
If a masking system is a budget breaker, you might try using theater curtains. This is a lot less expensive and gives much of the same effect.
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