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I have noticed some slight backlight flicker when it's set to under 10. Interestingly this only appears for certain shades of gray. Too light and no flicker. Too dark no flicker. But at just the right shade I can notice it. It's no big deal to me though. I wouldn't even have noticed it if I hadn't been perusing these forums as often as I have. I love this display .
I believe there's a 120hz "SV" line coming out this summer.
Corporal punishment.
I received my set yesterday and have pretty much the same story. They also sent me an F instead of an FX. One wonders if they ever had FX's to begin with . In a any case it seems to be working fine. After a quick drivers update, I was outputting my PC in glorious 1080p on a ridiculously big monitor. I have firmware 2003.2. Would there be any advantage to me upgrading?
The Samsung LN-TXX69F series has the same specs as the 71 series except a slightly lower contrast ratio (20,000:1 vs 25,000:1) which I believe is due to it's matte finish as opposed to the 71 series gloss finish.
Check out the Samsung LN-Txx69F FAQ
Uhhhg... I'm fairly certain they're purposely delaying my order because of the level of shipping. It originated close enough to have been to the closest delivery place this morning and delivered to me this evening. But, it seems it inexplicably just sat in a city 2 hours away for no good reason last night.
Well my TV has shipped apparently, but s expected to take 9 days to travel what google maps tells me is a 246 mile, 4 hour drive . Here's to hoping it comes a lot sooner, And that my monoprice cables arrives in a timely manner to.
My Tax return came in and I couldn't help myself. I've just clicked my way back down to Ultra-poor Bachelorville again . We'll see if it's worth it in a few days.
Ok I've managed to pull my jaw of off the floor. You have no idea how much I want to jump on this right now. Though I have doubts the 20% refund will be able to happen twice as they'll probably just say keep it or return it. The only thing holding me back right now is that If I pull the trigger right now it'll bring me so close to 0 it's isn't funny. Hmm... I'll have to crunch some numbers and check if the other part of my tax return has come in. What options exist if the...
New Posts  All Forums: