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And each is only going to be a BD25... Oh wait, I think people only complain about that when Warner Brothers does it. Sorry.
I was there each of those days as well. Did you stay for Creepshow after Poltergeist? I agree that Poltergeist looked exceptional and really made me jones for an HD release. I actually got a kick out of hearing the original optical Dolby Stereo track complete with little pops at the reel changes. I hadn't heard a film that way in years. This weekend... Predator and Predator 2 (and Alien/Aliens over at the Egyptian next Thursday)!!
And with Crystal Skull getting the same 10/14 date, could the rumors of Warner releasing Gremlins and Goonies that day also be true (a bit of a Spielberg collection)?
I'm getting the pops as well on a Sony 350 bitstreaming DTS-MA to a Denon 3808. The first time it happened was @ 11:47 followed by another exactly a minute later @ 12:47. Completely repeatable and at that point I stopped the movie. This is the first issue I've had with the Denon and DTS-MA.
But "with good reason" implies that you know with 100% certainty that the titles being released by Warner would be better with higher bitrates. Do you know this? It's funny because I happened to talk to people who would be in the know about what some of these Warner titles should look like. I'm not talking about people who work with the studio that might be inclined to tow the company line, but rather people who worked on THE FILMS and THE TRANSFERS, and I was not...
Can you honestly say with a straight face that people aren't more critical of Warner than they are with any other studio? Perhaps I can point you to posts such as this one. EVERY STUDIO creates discs that don't utilize the full capacity of a BD50 or a BD25, yet only Warner Bros gets threads dedicated to it and complaints that "it's clear to me that HD DVD wasn't crippling Warner encodes, just enabling them and giving them an excuse for their releases." Disney had Glory...
Haven't we done this dance before? The Perfect Storm cover gets released without listing TrueHD on the back and everybody screams only to find that the disc shows up with the TrueHD track. Then Blow gets announced without TrueHD listed on the back and we get the same angry fists and lit torches raised into the air until that also is confirmed to actually contain a TrueHD track, followed by confirmation that Risky Business was also incorrectly spec'd when announced. Now...
Hey Matt, Have you seen the film yet? I actually saw it three times in the first 24 hours (all in 35mm at the Arclight, a premiere LA theater). Given the ever-present complaining about the Batman Begins HD-DVD and Blu-ray transfer, I was really paying attention to the look of the new film and I was struck with how much it looks like BB. For all the people complaining about Batman Begins looking slightly soft, The Dark Knight shows a similar softness. It doesn't look out...
You mean the thread you created called "Warner Brothers and Missed Opportunities" were you highlight all of the times you think Warner f+(k'd something up? Yeah, I did see that. That's the thread you really wanted people to see? A thread that's nothing but you complaining? Really?I'm fairly certain you're smart enough to see the logic in my argument. If not, please correct me.
You forgot... "low bit-rate VC-1 encode..."
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